Teacher's bios

Mike Johnston (Owner – Instructor)

Mike was born in Montreal. He attended both high school and university in the city, graduating from McGill University with a BA in political science. He played on many sports teams, and was captain of the Marianopolis rugby team. He started Bikram yoga in 2005 after a motorcycle accident. It soon became clear that Bikram was the answer he was looking for. After many years of back pain, insomnia, and injuries due to playing contact sports, he finally found a way to rehabilitate his body. He attended Bikram yoga teacher training in the spring of 2007, in Hawaii

Michelle Imbeault

Michelle graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2010, in San Diego, California. An Interior Designer who discovered Bikram Yoga after practicing a myriad of other varieties of yoga, she felt an immediate affinity to the discipline and challenge of the practice. She feels there is a balance to be found between superseding your own limitations and being kind to yourself. Michelle loves sharing all of the aspects of the practice that promote and foster well-being in body, mind and spirit with her students at BYMTL.

“ The darkest place is under the light ” – Bikram

Luna Ohayon

A Fashion Designer by trade Luna was certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor in 2007. She discovered Bikram yoga in Montreal after suffering from injuries due to running and other sports. It has become her new “addiction” and she is extremely thankful for the physical as well as spiritual benefits she has gained and continues experience from Bikram yoga. You can check out her hot yoga wear line made in Montreal, Sweat-n-Stretch hot yoga clothes for men & women.

Valeria Gonzalez

The practice of yoga stepped into Valeria’s life very naturally, as she started practicing Bikram yoga when she was 18 years old, back home in Mexico City.  She loved it and right away felt the need to commit to a regular practice. Yoga became constant in her life and the best tool for dealing with challenges and difficult times. No matter where she travelled or where she lived, this practice kept her interest, her desire to learn more. Through teaching it, her spirit filled up with joy and gratitude. She has been teaching Bikram yoga since 2010 in Mexico, Europe and today in Canada. Her philosophy is that anyone can practice yoga, anyone who is willing to try.

Jessica Sergi

Jessica Sergi started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008. She fell in love with yoga after her first class and hasn’t stopped practicing since then. Looking to gain more knowledge on yoga and to challenge herself mentally as well as physically, she knew she had to go to the teacher training. After being granted a leave of absence from her full time job as a Project Manager, she was able to fulfill her dream. Jessica graduated in June 2014 in Los Angeles and is now a part of the BYM team. She feels blessed to be able to share her passion for yoga as a part time teacher as well as keeping up with her regular practice. Jessica is looking forward to continue to grow not only as a student but also as a teacher. She is very thankful for the support from her fellow teachers as well as the student community. Her favorite quote she takes away from teacher training is: “Be the student you want to teach”.

Gabrielle Cossette

Gabrielle started Bikram yoga in 2012 and became a certified teacher in spring 2015 in Thailand. She fell hard for Bikram yoga right from the start. She loved the intensity and the sweat .. as if it took the negative emotions, literal and spiritual toxins, and anything else she didn’t want; and just let them go. These thing drip down unto her mat and were then gone. She felt reborn with new light after every class. It became her meditation – she was completely unable to think about anything except what she was doing on her mat. Becoming a teacher has gifted her with the opportunity to travel the world and share this beautiful practice.

Marie-France Thibodeau

Marie-France began her yoga journey in 2010 while getting her major degree at McGill University. She felt hard for it right away, and only focused her leisure time on this yoga practice. It was only accounting and hot yoga, which is a very strange mix when you think about it! She really believe that what’s kept her mind and spirit sane during her early busy career abroad. In 2015, she decided to quit what was known to her and take on the journey of becoming a Bikram yoga teacher. When she came back in Montreal, she took the opportunity of owning her own real estate company, which she still now manage with her boyfriend. She loves teaching, it’s her true passion. She’s always happy to be back in the ‘yoga bubble’, wherever it might be in the world.

Christine Matroud

Christine started her yoga journey by practicing Bikram back in 2011. At first, she found that this practice only challenged her physically. It is by maintaining a regular practice that she realized that the Bikram series also represented a mental challenge. Applying what she learned in the hot yoga room to her personal life allowed her to realize how essential yoga was to her. Christine was convinced that she wanted to share this yoga with others by teaching. Leaving her job at the bank was easy because she wanted to continue her career in the field of alternative medicine. It was in Thailand in April 2015 that she completed her Bikram teacher training. She is very grateful to be able to share her knowledge through the studios she visits.

Perla Tablate

Originally from the Philippines, Perla was introduced to Bikram Yoga by a friend and has been practicing since 2005. She deeply appreciates the physical, mental and emotional benefits she has gained from regular practice. Believing in the healing benefits of Bikram yoga and eager to share her passion about it led her to attend the Spring 2011 Teacher Training in Los Angeles, California. She loves practicing and teaching this yoga. She strives to learn more and grow through her students and fellow teachers in every class – one posture at a time. She has lived in Montreal since 1991 and is grateful to have Bikram yoga in her life. It helps make the long and cold winter months more bearable.

Anni Bedrossian

Anni started Bikram yoga in the Spring of 2006 and became a certified instructor in November of 2008. Her love affair with Bikram yoga did not start with her first class – far from it – and she even made it pretty clear to her teacher at the time that she would not be back. And yet for some reason, she kept going back, each time swearing that THIS would be her last time in the hot room. She didn’t understand it at first, until one day she realized that the gut-wrenching anxiety she had been feeling for years and almost 24/7 suddenly disappeared. Her mind began to be quiet. Today she is anxiety-free, insomnia-free and considers it a privilege to share this powerful yoga with others.

Christine Calka

Christine began practising the Bikram series in 2010. Although Christine had enjoyed other styles of yoga, she found the series very effective in providing both the physical and mental intensity to better manage her hectic schedule and mentally stressful work as a helping professional in the health and social service field. Through the practice she also discovered and began the deeper journey of introspection towards self-love and self-acceptance which she believes to be the most meaningful part. Christine then participated in the Bikram teacher training in Los Angeles in 2011. Christine also credits a regular adapted Bikram prenatal yoga practice to the overall good health she experienced during both her pregnancies. Christine completed a children’s yoga certification in 2015 and has taught joint child and parent classes. Most recently, Christine completed a yin yoga certification in 2017 after appreciating the benefits of this more gentle and passive style of yoga. Christine believes that an individual yoga practice can and should be tailored to the ever-evolving seasons of our lives.

Alexandra Cosentino

Alexandra has learned over time how to find the perfect balance between celebration of the little pleasures of life and the well-being she brings to her mind, body & soul. Fan of yoga, Alexandra comes from the field of arts and communication. In 2013, after packing her way to Los Angeles, she discovered a new passion: yoga and the lifestyle that came with it. After then, she acquired different yoga certifications in parallel with learning studio management and teaching in different schools. Bold, in 2014, she decided to found a yoga school on the road in order to serve busy people. For more than 5 years, Alexandra has taught an average of 15 to 20 classes per week with the desire to evolve at the same rhythm of her students.

Harriet Lawson

Harriet is originally from Brighton, UK and started practising Bikram Yoga in 2004. After her very first class she knew she wanted to teach, and started the long journey of changing her life one step at a time. Very quickly she changed her stressful work schedule so that she could practise yoga every day, and pretty soon after that made the very real decision to leave her job and take part in teacher training in LA. This finally happened in Autumn 2006. Since then Harriet has taught in Brighton and London and now, in Montreal. She is an energetic and compassionate teacher who very much believes in the discipline of Bikram yoga and the philosophy that “if it’s easy, it’s not working”.

Charlotte Dury

Since childhood, Charlotte has always been interested in arts. At her elementary school Steiner of Chambly, she did painting, singing, theater, dance and knitting; and this is how her horizons opened up. In 2010, at the age of 15, Charlotte discovered Bikram Yoga with her mother. Since then, yoga has been an integral part of her life. After completing her CEGEP, she decided to go to Bikram teacher training in the spring of 2013. Since then, she lived in Mexico for 2 years, and Vancouver for 1 year, where she taught at several Bikram studios in different cities. Teaching is a way for her to share her passion for yoga. “Teaching is the most beautiful thing in the world. To pass on knowledge to anyone, regardless of their form, is precious and magical. “

Sarah Khan

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.”

Sarah is always on the lookout for the next challenge in life, and in 2009 she didn’t hesitate a moment when the opportunity presented itself to complete the physically intense and spiritually fulfilling task of Bikram’s Yoga College of India Teacher Training. Since becoming certified, Sarah has been on a personal quest to dive deep into the knowledge and philosophies of Hatha yoga, wanting to become the best she can be in both her practice and teaching. Sarah has an insatiable curiosity of the Human body through movement. Another thing Sarah loves to do is travel, grace to Bikram Yoga Sarah has had the honor of teaching in Switzerland and France. Visiting Bikram studios from Canada to Thailand and Europe in between, Sarah has experienced great treasures that life offers through Bikram yoga.