Laurier Studio

Located across the street from the Laurier metro station, this studio picks up the soulful vibes of the energetic Plateau area. You will easily spot this studio by the artistic graffiti piece that spreads across the face of the building, the work of a local artist. Modernist in design, this studio has all of your needs covered, such as our newly installed, state of the art, anti-bacterial, natural rubber floor, to optimize your yoga practice. Sweat to you hearts content in our recently renovated yoga room, surrounded by windows and mirrors, allowing plenty of natural light in and views of Laurier street.

M/15 TU/16 W/17 TH/18 F/19 SA/20 SU/21
10h00 Valeria David Marie-France Valeria Charlotte
12h00 David Michelle
15h00 Malwina
16h00 David
16h30 David David Valeria
17h00 Malwina Gabrielle
17h30 Charlotte Marie-France
18h30 Charlotte Valeria Marie-France
19h00 Charlotte CANCELLED
20h15 Charlotte Valeria Charlotte Marie-France
Bikram Yoga
90 minutes
Bikram Yoga is an intense and challenging 26 pose (asana) series for both beginners and experienced yoga participants. The room is heated to 42 °C.
90 min HOT (beginners & advanced)
Bikram Express
60 minutes
Bikram Express is the same 26 pose (asana) series as Bikram Yoga, but poses are done once.
60 min HOT (beginners & advanced)
Ghosh series
90 minutes
Postures vary each class: some postures students will already know from the Bikram class, others will be new. Practice at your own pace.
60 min HOT (beginners & advanced)
Yin Yoga
75 minutes
A slow-paced restorative yoga with poses (asanas), that are held for longer periods of time (2 to 5 mins).
75 min NO HEAT (beginners & advanced)
5$ Community class
60 minutes
Pay 5$ for Bikram Express or use membership. This class was created for the Montreal’s yoga community. (No free pass)
60 min. HOT (beginners & advanced)

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